Lifetime Limited Warranty

Litheus warrants it’s products under this lifetime limited warranty policy (“Warranty Policy”).  The warranty policy applies solely to Litheus Products purchased directly from Litheus or Litheus authorized dealers and the original purchased of such Litheus product. This warranty policy is non-transferable and all claims under this warranty policy must be accompanied by the original sales receipt. The terms and conditions of this warranty policy are subject to change by Litheus at any time without notice. 


Pursuant to the terms and conditions of this warranty policy, after submission of a valid claim by a purchaser and regardless of the condition of the product for which such valid claim is submitted, if it is determined by Litheus that such Litheus product was not manufactured to Litheus’ advertised specifications, Litheus will, at it’s discretion: (1) repair or replace purchaser’s original Litheus product; (2) replace purchaser’s original Litheus product with the most current available model; (3) provide purchaser with a gift card redeemable at in the amount of the original purchase price of the original Litheus product. 

To submit a claim for a Litheus product under this warranty policy you must: (1) fully and accurately fill out the online form (2) provide Litheus with a copy of an original sales receipt indicating that you are the original purchaser of the Litheus Product for which the claim is being submitted. In addition, if requested by Litheus, you must send the Litheus product for which a claim is being made, all transportation expenses prepaid, to Litheus. 

Litheus strongly recommends that all Litheus products be installed by a trained professional. This warranty policy does not apply and Litheus fully disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for any damages, including damages to Litheus products, or injury to persons, related to the improper installation, use, or operation of the Litheus products. Litheus will not be responsible for injury or harm to persons or property when caused by persons or vehicles using Litheus products. 

1. All claims must be accompanied with a picture of the Litheus product showing the issue for which the claim is being submitted.

2. Litheus asks for customer to inspect their purchased item for any damage immediately upon arrival. Any product deemed dead on arrival (DOA) must be claimed within 10 business days of delivery. Claims outside of this time frame will not be covered under the Litheus lifetime warranty.

3. Thus warranty does not include payment and /or reimbursement of the cost of labor in connection with the removal/installation of any product returned persuant to the warranty policy or in connection with the installation of any replacement items provided under the warranty policy.

4. Litheus has the right to refuse a claim at any time.

5. Litheus is not liable for incorrect shipments in connection with a claim if a claim form is completed incorrectly, or if a model number is not included in a claim.